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Graphene Pet Jacket
Item No.: YF107006
Sandwich Fabric+Graphene
Paper hanger

Graphene material technology

Low temperature far infrared:Absorption of far-infrared light at a wavelength of 6-14 microns at 20-35°C;more than 88%,which increases the skin surface temperature

Breathable moisture absorption:it can quickly absorb the moisture and sweat from the pet's skin,and quickly introduce it into the air to give the pet a dry and healthy care

Antibacterial,care for pet health:Graphene has a bacteriostatic rate of more than 90% against common bacteria

Performance and lasting:Graphene can destroy the cell membrane of bacteria,leading to the a ntibacterial effect of intracellular material outflow and the inhibition rate of common bacteria is over 90%

simple but fashionable desihn,let your dog create the trend.

Adjustable neoprene straps from an ergonomic and secure fit

Breathable air mesh & soft & keep warm Anti-bacteria and deodorization fiber Fabric ues keep away from bacteria and make your pets  healthier.