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What to wear for wedding season

With spring just around the corner, it’s time for you to get scouring the shops and preparing yourself for those big social events. And one occasion that tends to get the nation fretting is the responsibility of finding the perfect wedding outfit. Although you’re not the lucky couple getting married, you know that every man and his dog will be snapping those cameras, so it’s essential to be prepared for the paparazzi invasion. But what to wear?   Well, don’t panic. If you’re struggling to decide upon the important outfit decisions for the wedding of the year, then we’re here to help.


Ladies more than anybody tend to feel the pressure when it comes to finding the ideal wedding combination. There are just so many decisions! Is it acceptable to wear white? What will the weather be like? Heels or no heels? Well first of all, take a deep breath; it’s all going to be fine. If you’re there for the duration of the day, then remember to find a piece which can easily transition from day to night. Full skirts and floral prints are on trend at the moment, so why not opt for a fabulously feminine number? Coupled with some court shoes and a light cardigan; you’re set!


For men, the choice of what to wear is certainly less stressful. However, that doesn’t mean that you can relax when it comes to choosing an outfit; far from it! The standard attire for any male guest is a suit. But the question is, is this appropriate for the event you’re attending? If it’s a summer wedding, then it’s better to avoid dark colours and suits of heavy material or, as you’d expect, you’ll be really uncomfortable. And if you’re just planning to attend the evening-do, a great way to keep it smart but stylish is to wear some plain Farah trousers with a light cotton shirt. Sorted.

KidsAside from the bride, kids tend to be the stars of the show when it comes to weddings. Being the first to hit the dance floor and the last to be prised from it, the little ones are always the centre of attention when it comes to such social events, so make sure they’re dressed to impress! There’s plenty of scope to choose from, and let’s face it, children are easy to buy for. For girls, pretty pink prom dresses with a simple embellishment are your best choice, and a classic suit will work well for the boys. It’s as easy as that! 

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